Look, an improved site!

We’ve been toiling and toiling here at Timbuk2 to improve our website and move away from the stone ages. We’ve been carving through some treacherous terrain and putting our blood sweat and tears into some new features we hope will make getting your favorite bags even easier. That may have sounded a bit dramatic…but we’re really excited to bring you a better experience all around.

So here we go!

1. Quick View. For the lazy out there, just hit quick view and you’ll get the down low on bags in a second. Need more details? Just hit “view details” and you’ll be right on our main product page.

2.Comparing products. No need to take out notebooks or create your own excel sheet with pros and cons anymore. We do all the hard work for you. Just hit the “x” to compare a few select products and you’ll be on your way to an intelligent decision for your daily needs. Voila!

3.Improved Search! Remember that time you wanted a laptop friendly, waterproof bag, that could also hold your gym clothes? You didn’t know if the Swig or the Phoenix was a better choice. Now you can search for your new dream bag by selecting specific features. You’ll narrow it down in no time.

4.Accounts: Where oh where is the UPS guy with my bag?! What is my order number? I don’t want to have to input my credit card information every single time I get a new bag…All of these issues are fixed by registering an account with our website. You’ll be able to track your orders, go through checkout in a breeze and spend the rest of your day doing what you love.

5.Loyalty programs! For those of you who show us love, we want to show it right back. When you sign up for an account on our website you’ll get special access to deals, might just receive a special something from us on your special day and more!

This is just the beginning! Let us know how you like the new Timbuk2.com


  1. Rom says:

    Just noticed it today :) Great changes to the site. At last account login!

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