The Years in Beers

Every year, we launch a limited edition Chiller clad in the colors of a beer we adore. The first Chiller launched in 2009 and wore the colors of PBR. In 2011 we honored the summertime special, Corona, complete with an embroidered lime on the strap. Then came our homage to Oktoberfest by cloaking the 2012 Chiller in Bavarian blue and white. 2013 came in the likeness of a crisp tri-color Pilsner, and most recently, our 2014 Chiller is an ode to Japanese Sapporo.

2009: PBR Chiller – Not the most premium, but beloved. The PBR Chiller.

2011: Corona Chiller – Made for summer in the city, but saw action on the slopes.
Chiller Corona

2012: Bavaria – With genuine Swiss and Germans on our team, we heeded the call to Bavaria with the Munchen Chiller. Ya!
Bavarian Chiller

2013: Pilsner Chiller – Tri calore for the crisp, refreshing bite of a Pilsner. How do you chill?

2014: Sapporo Chiller – Umami, oishi, delicious. Kampai!

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  1. Nate says:

    What about your hometown guys at Anchor? No love for the steam beer?

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