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There’s a lot to love about Colorado: insane biking culture (from Denver Cruisers to USA Pro Challenge), one of the longest (and best) ski seasons in the country, appreciation for hearty food (to fill post-ride bellies, like our neighbors Euclid Hall), craft beer culture, and a ground swell of loyal Timbuk2 fans, it is probably no surprise to hear that Denver has become home to our 3rd Timbuk2 store (and Maggie the Corgi).
After an intense search, we set our roots down under the twinkling lights in the historic Larimer Square, 1411 Larimer St At 14th, which was one of the only streets that was saved from a wave of modernization of the downtown area in the 1950′s. Before and afters…


When we started our  journey with Denver just 6 months ago, the Timbuk2 wall paper went up (to maintain our modesty of course) as we started work on our new home.

For the Denver store, we enlisted the help of Gensler, a design firm known for innovative thinking, attention to detail, pushing the boundaries on what can be done with a space. The goal was to create an environment that was more than just a store. Somewhere you can come in, in the deep of winter or heat of summer and chill out, cool down, power up, pump up, connect and take in the diversity and energy which only a city can provide. Bike and the idea of bike, so close to our heart and heritage, should be felt throughout the store, so that the feeling you get while riding a bike, FREEDOM, comes across as you enter and explore the space. Here’s where we landed.

 Entry-way bike art made from Timbuk2 bag and bicycle design sketches and CADS

Custom bag building workshop

For the Love of Bike: Cycling specific panniers, packs and messengers

You can even take a Google Maps Street level tour of our shiney new shop, HERE. Or better yet, next time you’re in Denver (or even Boulder, we know its not so far) stop in and say hey to our rockstar staff including Jared 2.0, Boss Trout, and the whole cast of characters…

…rocking out with their bike out in Larimer Square.

Stay on the chainlink with our Denver store’s events, Twitter-fan only promos, shop rides, and Denver exclusive products on ye old Twitter and Instagram. Srsly, being a fan has it’s perks. Try it and see fo yo self.

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See you on the bike Denver!

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