Turning 1 in Seattle

Our Seattle store, and its crazy cast of characters turned 1 year old in last month! Thinking about what we could do that would not be just another birthday party, we sauntered down to Albert’s favorite burger joint, Lil’ Woody’s to conjure up some ideas. If y’all are in Seattle, you know this spot is the jam. If you’re not in the city of live music, overcast winters and Seahawks, Lil’ Woodys is a delicious burger joint that serves up the biggest burgers you can think of – literally, you can put hella toppings on.
They also do a weekly special burger, a namesake of something happening in the city or in honor or someone, etc. Which got us to thinking, why not a Timbuk2 burger? Fast forward a couple weeks and totally awesome taste testing sessions, we bring you: The Timbuk2 burger! Yes, that’s peanut butter, fried apple rings, swiss cheese, bacon, mayo…on a burger all in honor of Seattle’s 1st birthday.
But we couldn’t stop there. We went on to create a Lil Contest for Lil Woody’s customers (in-store & on social interwebs: Twitter, Instagram) to play too. Goes a little something like this…
The winner of the contest won a small messenger bag designed by the owner of Lil Woody’s, Marcus Lalario. Not only did Marcus & Lil’ Woody’s make an awesome bag, but they also contributed 30 Timbuk2 burgers for our 1st Birthday Bash on May 16th. Working with Lil Woody’s has been a super rad experience, and we were stoked to partner with them, not only because they make amazing burgers, but because they are a legit part of the Seattle community.
While munching on Timbuk2 burgers, we brewed up visions of a party that included some of our favorite things: Burgers, Beers, Bags & Bike Share. We got in touch with the folks @ Pronto, Seattle & Puget Sound’s new bike share (cycle share) program to bring them into the mix too (hint: Pronto will be in full swing this Fall. Stayed tuned here for more info). We team up with them so that together, we can spread the word that bike share is coming to Seattle, and we were pumped to be apart of the the city’s unveiling of the program’s new name and branding at our big One Year Birthday Partaaay!
….and photo bomb each other at the photobooth
 Finally, the party would not be complete without some local brews to wash it all down. Enter Peddler Brewing Co. and a keg (or 2) of their microbrew on tap ’til we all ran dry at 9. Thanks!
And that my friends, is how we birthday jam in Seattle.

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