Made for Women Who Ride

The Madrone is our cycling pack designed specifically for women. Dreamt up and designed by our very own bike-riding designer Kacie. The Madrone is made by and for women who ride. “I ride my bike everyday and the Madrone has everything I want in a commuter pack,” said Kacie. “I love that when I arrive to work wearing the Madrone, I still feel stylish.” Here here! There’s no need to look techie (or sweaty), just because you ride.

See Kacie’s design inspiration and process for the Madrone below.

Inspiration: A women’s pack for riding.
Trend Inspiration

Sketches: Making the Madrone.
Madrone Sketching

Kacie riding her chopper with the Madrone Backpack during the 20th anniversary of San Francisco’s Critical Mass ride.
Kacie in the Madrone on her chopper

What she carries: “Everything – from my climbing gear to my 15″ MacBook.”

Why she loves it? “It’s really comfortable and works rain or shine. It also has a bottle opener on the strap, if you’re into that sort of thing. . .”

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P.S. Pooches love this pack. Pooch in the Madrone


  1. Len Hambleton says:

    The Madrone is a brilliant design but……..when are you going to experiment with a pack that’s smaller at the bottom and wider at the top???
    I still own use and would not part with my integral framed ,1966 Grey Bergan’s Norwegian army canvas pack. The weight distribution is easier on the small of your back, besides one can carry bigger dogs ha ha!
    I think your company and everyone in it must enjoy the zaniness working at Timbuktu?
    I searched for over a year to find your Veijle Especialle paniers for my Pedego Inteceptor E- bike , bought two and what did you do discontinue them. I cannot imagine why the versatility was/ is brilliant. I treasure them !
    I’m 69 and volunteered for patrolling our GREENWAYS in Raleigh for the police department ,carrying winter and summer first aid supplies, extra water for stranded cyclists and lightweight rain gear, so no matter where I am on the Greenway I’m prepared and have rescued people who miscalculated or had unfortunate accidents.
    Carry on the good work. Hope to visit your new Venice store around Aug 20th. congratulations
    Len Hambleton in Raleigh NC

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