The American Challenge

Our COO’s 17 year-old daughter, Ali Meneghetti, is more than halfway through a 3,210 mile, 44 day, coast-to-coast bike trip from Charleston, SC to Los Angeles. Accompanied by two leaders and 9 other high school students, she’s averaging over 80 miles a day on Overland’s American Challenge. This is a no support ride so every mile is human-powered. Packing intelligently and having the right gear is crucial to completing the journey. This expedition was the perfect opportunity for Ali to road test a new, patent-pending, pannier attachment system Timbuk2 will introduce next year.

Dawn at the Atlantic on Day 1:

Group leaders Sarah, Stephen, Ali, along with the prototype panniers:

America Represent! The crew in Arkansas on July 4th:

On the road again, another thousand miles to go:

We’re looking forward to getting feedback from Ali and can’t wait to unveil the new attachment system next year. Looks like everything is working out so far. Good luck to her and friends on this great adventure!

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