#Timbuk2Tattooed 2014

#Timbuk2Tattooed is back in Seattle for another year! We had such great feedback from last year’s event that we just had to do it again!

Coinciding with the Seattle Tattoo Expo, we reached out to 9 artists, gave them each a white custom bag made in San Francisco, and asked each to create an amazing “tattooed” messenger.

We want you to decide which bag is the most awesome of them all. Check out the photos below and vote for your favorite right HERE. The artist who receives the most votes will win a $450 charitable donation to the organization of their choice on behalf of Timbuk2 Seattle.

All 9 bags will be on display in our Seattle store through mid-September and are available for sale, each priced at $200 (plus applicable taxes). If you want one, give our team in Seattle a buzz at (206) 489-2102.

There’s only 9 of these one of a kind bags and they’re available on a first come, first serve basis and will be ready for pick up in mid-September.

And with that, here’s this year’s line up!

Megon Shore

Fist Full Of Metal | Seattle, WA

Megon Shore is a Seattle tattooer/painter, inspired by the beauty and mystery of the natural world, as her friends and other artists whom she admires. Megon can be found tattooing at Fist full of Metal Tattoo, in Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood.

Charity: New Moon Goat rescue 


Andrew Schultz

Private Studio | Oak Harbor, WA

Andrew is 25 yrs old and has been tattooing for 2 years. The former owner of Nite Owl Tattoo and Gallery, he is currently putting together a new studio. He has two kids, loves his family, and is into bikes in a weird way.

Charity: Garage of Blessing


Jesse Roberts

Dark Age Tattoo | Seattle, WA

Jesse Roberts is part owner of Dark Age Tattoo inSeattle. He has been tattooing for 15 yrs and drawing as long as he has been able to pick up a pencil. Nature is the biggest source of inspiration for his work. When not tattooing he can be found painting and hanging out with his pugs.

Charity: Seattle Pug Rescue


Heidi Sandhorst

Dark Age Tattoo | Seattle, WA

Heidi Sandhorst was born and raised in Seattle,Wa and has been tattooing for 5 yrs and a half. She enjoys learning about and experiencing the natural world.

Charity: The National Police Accountability Project


Chad Ronilo

Anchor Tattoo | Seattle, WA

Michael Chad Ronilo was born at 8:14 A.M., at St. Mary’s hospital in Athens, Georgia on New Year’s Eve 1976. He currently tattoos at Anchor Tattoo in Ballard.

Charity: Doctors Without Borders


Devin “Hevy Devy” Stubbs Cardosi

Roselle Tattoo | Roselle, IL

Representing the fifth generation of his tattoo lineage, Hevy Devy has tattooed for 5 years in Chicago. Rooted in clarity, boldness, and simplicity, his work is distinctive.

Charity: Wounded Warrior Project


Celina Ward

West Texas Tattoo | El Paso, TX

Tattooing since 2008 in her hometown of El Paso, TX, Celina Ward strives to pursue her passion working on individually customized tattoos. While she is always open to new and interesting ideas, her work tends to take a more illustrative approach; without straying too far away from the traditional standards of tattooing.

Charity: March of Dimes


Eric Ward

West Texas Tattoo | El Paso, TX

Eric Ward has been tattooing since ’91 in the old town of El Paso, TX. After years of taking on new challenges with various styles, he came to a halt and decided to go “back to basics.” He now takes on a more illustrative and traditional style of tattooing, since this has been tried and true; yet still expresses his own dark creative twist to all he creates.

Charity: A.S.P.C.A


Chani Murat

Good Karma Body Art | Seattle, WA

Chani Murat is a native Seattleite, Chani has been tattooing over 10 years. Her sweet adventures have led her around the globe and with a deep appreciation of the pacific Northwest. She’ll be out conquering the mountains when she is not delving into her art.

Charity: Muscular Dystrophy Association

So, whose your favorite? Vote below and let us know!


  1. Amy says:

    Roselle Tattoo! Love the combination of a fierce animal and a delicate one. Reminds me of the stylized paintings of Chinese dragons.

  2. Ellen Lin says:

    very hard to decide which one is better. I think all are amazing.

  3. Brittany says:

    Hevy Devy!!!!! Roselle Tattoo Company is the shop I get tattooed. Devin Cardosi is my tattoo artist. He has tattooed me over a dozen times and I plan on a dozen more. He is very talented & a super humble guy. Great job buddy!! xo <3

  4. katherine says:

    Roselle Tattoo has nothing but talented artists – and here is just more proof – they get it done… best place in the Northwest Suburbs!

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