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Outdoor Retailer is an industry trade show that happens twice a year, bringing together gear junkies, retailers in the outdoor industry, rad brands, influencers and writers in the media, and SO MANY BEAUTIFUL PUPS.

Cutest Pup at OR

Timbuk2 has been exhibiting at the event for years, and this year, in addition to showing the new Spring 2015 product (get excited!) we wanted to host a Happy Hour party with Ginger Beer and Bourbon, with all proceeds benefitting the World Bicycle Relief. Thanks to the great team at MiiR, who donated their oh-so-sweet Tall Boy Pint Cups, with a twinge of Timbuk2 customization, we were able to raise just over $4,600 for this great organization.

Calm Before the Storm

Timbuk2 Happy Hour for World Bicycle Relief

Due to severe popularity, we sold through the cups within the first 20 minutes of the event. Those with the coveted cup should be proud!

Timbuk2 Measuring Cup

Mmmm Ginger Beer and Bourbon

Happiest Ginger Beer Drinker Ever!

Things got a little busy. Team Timbuk2 stepped up to the plate and started pouring. Determination!

It's like cups on cups on cups

Dan and Josh Having Fun

Dan and Josh go through the last of the cups. Luckily for them, they already bought theirs.


In addition to selling cups for World Bicycle Relief, and providing the needed libations to thirsty retailers, Timbuk2 also hosted a giveaway of the award-winning Especial Raider Pack in a new color, available in Spring 2015, at the party. Throughout the event, these bags were sold to event attendees for a killer deal, with proceeds benefitting the World Bicycle Relief, and the last 10 were saved for a raffle.

What Disguise did Luke and Han wear on the Death Star?

Hint, if you can guess the answer correctly to the below question, your talents will not only put you in good company with the rest of the Timbuk2 crew (we tend to geek out over some Star Wars trivia), but, you will also be discovering an upcoming color way for Spring 2015!

He's your father

Raffle Answers

Will he win?

Is he gonna win? Nope, sorry…wrong answer! Here are some lucky Star Wars – Raider Pack Fans!

Adam selects the winners

He didn’t even need a microphone to get these Raider Packs into the hands of 10 lucky winners. Here are a couple of super stoked gear heads.

Lucky guy!

Lucky lady!

The Timbuk2 crew took some personal time at the end of the party to reflect upon the over 200 people who came to the party, bought cups, supported the World Bicycle Relief, won a bag (maybe), and rocked out to Curtis Mayfield.

Resting the legs

Thanks to the donation of over $5,000 to the World Bicycle Relief in 2014, and being a Silver level sponsor of the organization, Timbuk2′s contributions have funded 40 bikes in rural parts of Africa, empowering students to attend school regularly. We are stoked to be a part of this!

Oh, and for those of you curious as to what $4,628 looks like, check this out.

Kudos to the World Bicycle Relief for the gorgeous gift, a handmade piece of artwork from one of their participating countries! To make a donation on your own, or to learn more, please visit the World Bicycle Relief website.

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