Bikes of San Francisco Poster

Saw this poster over at Uptown Almanac. Spot on. Get yours here.

Shepard Fairey rocking a Timbuk2

A screencap from Exit Through the Gift Shop shows famous graffiti artist Shepard Fairey with a Timbuk2 messenger (and a police officer, from whom he subsequently flees). Great eye Bag Collector, Thanks!!


A behind-the-scenes look at our upcoming holiday video. Look for it on our Youtube channel soon!

How can we be expected to teach children to learn how to read if they can’t even fit inside the building?

Bag Collector created a papercraft Timbuk2 messenger bag! It’s black/notecard/black, and I think the size is XXXXS. Check out the rest of the pics here.

Internship Week 11: Last Day

Today is my last day at Timbuk2. I never thought I’d be this sad to leave a job. I had one of the most rewarding summers of my life. Interning here taught me so much about how to network, strategize and organize my ideas. At Timbuk2 I was given clear direction from the people around [...]

Internship Week 10: Prank War

This week I have been working on a Timbuk2 T-shirt design. This was a fun and educating task. I love using illustrator on the computer. My plan is to come out with a few designs and have everyone vote on which one they like the most. Keep an eye out for those designs coming soon. [...]

Internship Week 8: Chaos to Order

My task for this week was to organize the stockroom. Timbuk2 headquarters has a huge storage space, where there is a sample of every bag ever made! Every color, every style, every size! For a Timbuk2 fan, it was like discovering the lost treasure of Atlantis! Timbuk2’s Spring 2011 samples had just arrived and were [...]

Social Bike System

The Social Bicycle System (SoBi) is a public bike share system that uses GPS, mobile communications, and a secure lock that can attach to almost any bicycle and lock to any regular bike rack. This system will be more affordable and scalable than existing bike share systems and can be deployed in a wider range [...]

Internship Week 7: Bag Overload!

This week I dealt with product samples. Timbuk2 has a ton of new products coming out! I took pictures, labeled, categorized and prepped the bags. I also learned how companies ship inventory. We sent out sample bags to companies looking to carry Timbuk2. It all sounds a bit boring, but I enjoyed being buried up [...]

Internship Week 6: Painting Bags

This week has been hectic here at Timbuk2 headquarters. Everyone is gearing up for Outdoor Retailer, a giant tradeshow in Salt Lake City. A ton of planning and energy goes into making a great tradeshow booth. My job for this week was to help build the display for Timbuk2’s future travel line. We constructed an [...]