Internship Week 11: Last Day

Today is my last day at Timbuk2. I never thought I’d be this sad to leave a job. I had one of the most rewarding summers of my life. Interning here taught me so much about how to network, strategize and organize my ideas. At Timbuk2 I was given clear direction from the people around [...]

Internship Week 10: Prank War

This week I have been working on a Timbuk2 T-shirt design. This was a fun and educating task. I love using illustrator on the computer. My plan is to come out with a few designs and have everyone vote on which one they like the most. Keep an eye out for those designs coming soon. [...]

Internship Week 8: Chaos to Order

My task for this week was to organize the stockroom. Timbuk2 headquarters has a huge storage space, where there is a sample of every bag ever made! Every color, every style, every size! For a Timbuk2 fan, it was like discovering the lost treasure of Atlantis! Timbuk2’s Spring 2011 samples had just arrived and were [...]

Internship Week 7: Bag Overload!

This week I dealt with product samples. Timbuk2 has a ton of new products coming out! I took pictures, labeled, categorized and prepped the bags. I also learned how companies ship inventory. We sent out sample bags to companies looking to carry Timbuk2. It all sounds a bit boring, but I enjoyed being buried up [...]

Internship Week 6: Painting Bags

This week has been hectic here at Timbuk2 headquarters. Everyone is gearing up for Outdoor Retailer, a giant tradeshow in Salt Lake City. A ton of planning and energy goes into making a great tradeshow booth. My job for this week was to help build the display for Timbuk2’s future travel line. We constructed an [...]

Internship Week 5: Back on “Campus”

In preparation of the new school year (and before I came here), Timbuk2 designed a series of campus bags. The “Messenger 101″ and “Slacker” are simple and affordable bags with a ton of potential. My task for this week was to show the creative capability of the Campus bag. I saw this project as a [...]

Internship week 4: Color Search

The vibrant color combinations of Timbuk2 bags are what gives each bag its special and unique character. This week I discovered where the inspiration behind those colors came from. My assignment was simple: search high and low for images of urban landscapes, then extract colors from the scene to produce a wicked combination. Here are [...]

Internship Week 3: “The Model Intern”

This week I gained some experience as a model! I never thought of myself as model material (except in front of the bathroom mirror) until I was unexpectedly called into the Timbuk2 photo room. It was actually really fun pretending to be Derek Zoolander for 15 minutes. If anyone in the Bay Area is curious, [...]

Internship: Week 2

The second week here has certainly been jam-packed. They have me running all over the place, working on sample orders, testing touch-screen computers, analyzing data and doing research on the web. What’s good is I actually feel somewhat needed here. It all sounds a bit boring, but its very exciting to see the new and [...]

Hey! I’m the Intern!

When I stepped into Timbuk2 headquarters to begin my internship, I was greeted with a pleasant surprise: No suits, no ties, no cubicles, no bright florescent lights, and no sad faces! The Timbuk2 office is a laid back, diverse environment, much like the city of San Francisco. Everyone was dressed casually. There were dogs running [...]