Happy ‘Feckin’ Birthday

Last Friday in honor of my use/abuse of the much loved Irish adjective ‘feckin’ and my actual birthday- Timbuk2′ers threw me a ‘Happy Feckin Birthday’ party. Thanks to the marketing team who also enlisted help from our dealer service reps for screen printing into the evening to get everyone T-shirts and to Tim R for [...]

Rocking the 1992 Vintage…

We had a visit today from our friend Kristin Smith who writes for both 7×7 and the San Francisco bike coalition here in the city. We were particularly excited to see her arrive rocking a 1992 classic messenger bag- still looking good!

Great Minds…

Whilst at the Interbike show in Las Vegas we had a visit from 70′s/80′s BMX pro John Crews. John was pleased to see his original BMX ‘pit kit’ vision live on in our Timbuk2 Toolshed. This ‘radical rider’ also sent us an original ‘Pit Kit’ advert… very retro. Respect. .    

Bike To Work Day 2011

Its the biggest biking day in the San Francisco calendar, with no exceptions here at Timbuk2.  Our office bike rack has hit capacity.. with everyone getting into the Bike to Work day spirit. Doug clocked serious miles for team Crazy Train as part of our company bike team challenge after a 50mile ride in from San [...]

All the way to Timbuktu

We were paid a visit today by the lovely Casey Scieszka and Steven Weinberg. Fans of the brand, they dropped by to see our factory before setting up a book signing event in our neighborhood pub, Shotwells. Check out excerpts, illustrations and a sneak preview on how they made their way to Timbuktu here.

Bitch stole my look!

Both Jamie and Dominique arrived to T2 world headquarters today rocking nautical stripes. So the question is, who wore them best? All smiles, with matching Harriets. Game on…