We take design seriously, even on Halloween

Exhibit A: Superman, a ballerina, and some German guy (in lederhosen no less) designing tough-as-hell bags that keep you ready for anything. ANYTHING.

This aggression will not stand.

ME: “Alex, why are you so sad?” ALEX: [incomprehensible sobbing] ME: “come on, what’s got you all shaken up?” ALEX: “just look at this… the horror!” no seriously… look closer. This aggression will not stand, man. And the caffeine is most certainly the issue. [Editor's note: we still love Bicycle Coffee Co... a lot]

Happy birthday Taska! We didn’t know what you wanted, so…

Surprise – we got you your desk! Now, we know what you’re thinking… “How on Earth am I gonna get any work done?” Worry not. Your pals party chia cat and fancy-pants squirrel (complete with cummerbund) will keep you going! “sell harder.” “Woah, nice hat, birthday girl!” Thanks for all the shenanigans you bring to [...]

The NEW roasted yam sandwich

So at Timbuk2, we get tasty tasty food stuff delivered to our office from Bi-Rite. All kinds of things. Sammiches, salads, fizzy beverages, you name it. As you might imagine, some items are naturally more popular than others. When you used to look at the fridge on a hungry say, Wednesday afternoon, there’d be nothing [...]

So Many Bikes

At least 18 bikes and a chariot (yes, that includes 2 clown bikes). This is a good problem to have =)


land of the free

Hidden Picture Fun Finder

The following picture was taken in front of the Apple store in Salt Lake City, UT. Notice anything off? …anything? Bueller? Bueller? Whether you found it or not, join us next time for another exciting game of Where’s Waldo Jonny! Same Bat Timbuk Time, same Bat Timbuk Blog

Have you seen this dog?

…. because it. is. AWESOME! (thanks to sadetsydogs for the image)

Oops, I sticker-bombed the office (1 of…?)

Or should I say I went bananas with stickers? (sorry, that was bad) Hmm, maybe i shouldn’t have had that last coffee…

SF Tweed ride was a Jolly good time!

Thanks Colin from SF Tweed for putting on another great (and well mannered) ride! Just look at these dapper bicycle hooligans! Bicycle hooligans with class Who knew tweed could look this GOOD? Mennlay reppin’ her 3ast coast style Hope to see y’all out on the next ride. In the mean time, dress to impress.