Tall bike stolen, Reward offered

That’s right. Someone stole this Death Trap tall bike from us at Sea Otter. Free custom bag to anyone leading to the return of this beauty:   It’s pretty notorious, as seen at Interbike, Outdoor Retailer, CES, and Sea Otter. Here’s the floating chain ring. Almost NOBODY does it this clean & janky…

March 14… 3/14… 3.14159… π… pi…

Call it what you will, but this day is making me HUNGRY… delicious photo courtesy of the interwebz

Awesome Hack for the new Shift Pannier Messenger

Back in January we were at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in Salt Lake City showing off our new designs, when Brother Timm dropped by our booth asking if we had any bags that would work on a wheel chair to make it easier to access his schtuff. “Well, not exactly” was our reply – but [...]

Tonight: Freak Bike Cabaret II

If you’ve never seen these girls, come check ‘em out, ‘cuz you’re missin’ out! Happy Freak Bike Friday!! Straight from the Derailleurs’ blog: Bicycles are infiltrating everything from t-shirt design to sports like bike polo. The bike has become such a part of our everyday life that it is becoming a part of our art. [...]

Import & Microbrewed beer for holiday cheer!

Friday just got even better. Huge thanks to Damian, who surprised us with a couple cases of reinBEER! “On Carlsburg, Pacifico, on Guiness, on Stella! On Widmer, Lag. Censored, Brown Shugga, Sierra!” Alex, our beloved Timbukbrew Man, congratulates beer delivery guy on a job well done. Happy Holidays!

SF Bike Expo Pics & (silly) commentary

So Timbuk2 was out in force this Saturday at Cow Palace for the SF Bike Expo. We sold some bags, talked some smack, and had a GREAT time! Here’s a little of what went down, photo style. Enjoy! Rich came out hella early to fix the sewing machine so Fang (pronounced “Fong”) could sew up [...]

Bike to Work Wednesday

Normally quite a few people ride their bikes into the office, but today I was pleasantly surprised to see an entire HERD of two-wheeled friends in our humble bike stable! Check it out –

Dia de los Muertos was a BLAST!

Never one to miss out on an opportunity to get dressed up and have new cultural experiences, after work yesterday, I joined throngs of people in the Mission for the Dia de los Muertos parade (Day of the Dead), which processed all throughout the neighborhood, ending in Garfield park where there were some very moving [...]

Custom Top Tube Covers at SF Bike Expo – 11/6/10

These were a hit at Interbike, so now we’re bringing these to you at the SF Bike Expo! Come on down to Cow Palace on Saturday 11/6 & get yourself one of these hot little things. We’ll have LOTS of fabric and binding to choose. Even better, we’ll sew ‘em up on the spot! Insider [...]

Zombie Ride, Oakland Style

So this last Friday I joined East Bay Bike Party for their Zombie Ride through Oakland. If you’ve never heard of these rides, think of it like a costumed critical mass, but more well mannered (no yelling at cars, obey all traffic laws, politely ask people to share their delicious BRAAAAAAAAAINS!!!) In my preparation for [...]