Copper Bottom, Welcome Back

Ok so I am feeling kind of old these days because I am terribly excited when things come BACK in style.  One of these things that I have really been missing from the late 80′s is Copper Toenail Polish.  I don’t and will never wear fingernail polish, but toenail polish is awesome in my book. [...]

Why I Live Here

This is my ride home. During lunch I picked up my CSA delivery a few blocks away. I also popped into the store to pick up a couple bottles of wine. So with a basket full of peppers, basil, tomatoes, squash and wine, I am ready to pedal the 6 blocks from the office to [...]

Bag of Holding

The original Timbuk2 Swig large is a voluminous bag.  Some of us don’t need such capacity day to day, but a scooter trip for two, from SF to LA requires a Bag of Holding! Valkyrie Savage surveying the upcoming road. Evan Stratford wondering how much horse power is needed. It held every they needed for a week jaunt down [...]

What is the 2011 Brewmaster up to now?

Alex, the 2011 Timbuk2  Brewmaster, has treated us well with thematic selections for the seasons. Smithwicks, Blue paddle, Red Rocket…. During his off hours things get a little rough Birthday Boy   What is your fortune?   “Beware, your laptop may begin to dress better than you…” Timbuk2 fortune cookie wisdom.   Some days call [...]

Funk of the Week- in house

Philip and his new cycling buddy Welcome Philip, our newest addition to the Customer Service team.  He is super stoked to pick his colors, and watch his bag make it’s way down the factory line.  That light bright fabric is going to help get him to work unscathed.

Cats approve Timbuk2

Jay’s cat thinks the reflective panel makes this bag is A-OK! Hermes has found a safe hidy hole. Now she wants a bribe to give up my Doctor bag

San Francisco Commute in February

Japanese Magnolia against a painted lady in the Mission I  did not even have to Photoshop this. I love the spring!  More color, more sun.  These are some shots from my commute to the Timbuk2 office in the Mission.

Corporate Sales Corner: Timbuk2 and Anchor Steam= Great team

You know you want one! Timbuk2 Corporate Sales created some kick-butt bags for Anchor Steam’s Steam Gear collection online.  Yes you too can purchase one of these Amazing bags!  Since T2 and Anchor Steam are 2 rockin’ San Francisco manufacturers it makes sense for us to partner up on such a cool project. Amazing Timbuk2 Laptop Messenger bag [...]

Corporate Sales Corner- bike silkscreen and embroidery

Over here in Corporate Sales land we have been busy building awesome bags for a variety of companies. This project was conceived of by Pacific Cycles as a retail incentive.  Pretty sweet! The messenger bag was all black with a white racing stripe and 2 embroidered logos. Stitching panels together. Great logo! Sandwiching the white [...]

Corporate Sales Corner: Sparklie!!

Here in Corporate Sales at Timbuk2 we are going crazy helping companies make awesome bags for their corporate holiday gifts.  The holiday season does get a little stressful working like mad to meet all those party deadlines.  So to cope with the stress, Taska, the Corporate Bag Lady breaks out the sparklieConverse to keep her going. [...]