The Bacon Bag

You're Welcome team Bacon!

A fan recently informed us of a Timbuk2 bag that had become toast. This messenger was reduced to a pile of ash after an engine fire engulfed the Bacon Bacon food truck in San Francisco. Luckily no one was hurt in the blaze and the truck was insured –the bag however wasn’t. We reached out [...]

First Uber Winners

Uber Unicorn Winner

Yesterday we kicked off our partnership with Uber in San Francisco. Every day through Dec 22, two lucky Uber passengers will receive Timbuk2 messenger as they Uber through the city. See our first two lucky winners below and be on the lookout for the #UberUnicorn & UberX driver @princeraj for a chance to win (details). [...]

Timbuk2 + Uber

Timbuk2 + Uber

We are for bikes, but sometimes you just can’t, won’t, or don’t want to ride. In times like those, we Uber. Uber is an on-demand car service, born in San Francisco that connects professional licensed drivers with riders via a very smart iPhone or Android app. Press the request button and within minutes a car [...]

10% to Fight HIV/AIDS

San Francisco City Hall

San Francisco is dressed in red for the holidays and to celebrate World AIDS Day on December 1. Every year we celebrate World AIDS Day at Timbuk2 and this year we’re proud to donate 10% of sales on December 1 to the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. Join the fight against HIV/AIDS by shopping with Timbuk2 [...]

Giants Fever


For the second time in three years the San Francisco Giants won the World Series and baseball fever swept over the City. Our office was far from immune to the baseball frenzy as many Timbuk2ers had closely followed the hometown team throughout the topsy-turvy season. Groups from the office went out to the ballpark together, some [...]

Election Spirit

Election Pants and Shoes

The election day spirit is flowing in San Francisco and Timbuk2 headquarters. A hearty slice of America, the Timbuk2 crew includes different types of voters. The not-allowed-to-vote, the absentee voter, and the regular ‘ol voter. Some of our voters are particularly festive. And we all agree that this might inspire a few last-minute votes. Ya [...]

Ya Vote?!

Mission Cycling Obama Lights

We hope you all get to the polls tomorrow. Every vote counts, even if you’re not in Ohio. Our friends @Mission Cycling are using Monkeylectric lights to ride their Obama pride all over the city. Regardless of your political affiliation, hopes and dreams, their video is fun to watch. As for Timbuk2, we’re like Switzerland. [...]

Sold Out America!


We sold out of our American Messenger in thirty minutes! While we wished we’d made 300, we’re thrilled you loved our 30. We’re proud our made in America was such a hit in America. Lets take this momentum to the polls people!

Made in America

Ya Vote Sticker

Made in America, for America. In honor of the 2012 election season, we made 30 units of this very special America messenger. Sewing stars in stiff, rugged ballistic nylon wasn’t easy, but it was slightly more practical than cutting and sewing bald eagles, and it was worth it for America! Originally created for the 2011 [...]

Fuzzy Ride

Fuzzy Bikes in San Francisco

Spotted on Divisadero Street on a sunny non-Burning Man Saturday in San Francisco. Snuggle in.