Hubway on Ice

Hubway in winter

Boston… Chicago… Minneapolis…   It’s winter. It’s cold. Really cold. We totally get it. You might find that hard to believe that we could understand such a concept, writing from our San Francisco office where today’s high is to reach 72 degrees (22 degrees Celsius for our Common Wealth fans). However, the Timbuk2 office is full of [...]

Timbuk2 Team Favorites

Emily Timbuk2 Telegraph Backpack

We all have favorites, even your parents do, they just might not tell you. But rather than feeling slighted, why not embrace it? If everything was totally equal all the time, wouldn’t we want for variety? A little edge is a good thing. So we’ve decided to pull back the curtain and tell you what [...]

Holiday Baggage

Staff @ Seattle

As we look back at December, we send out the highest of fives for the rockstar team at our new-in-2013 store in downtown Seattle. This marks the first Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/relax-and-eat -chocolate-and-eggnog season for us at our sweet spot at 7th and Pine st. Between the wonderful madness that was Black Friday and Dec 1, this Timbuk2 crew crafted a carny-inspired ”Holiday [...]

Real Resolutions


Resolutions are typically themed around things you don’t want to do. But life is for living right? We don’t carry boring black bags because we don’t want to, so we’re not going to resolve to run on a treadmill because we don’t want to! Rather, we resolve to choose resolutions we want and will stick [...]

Celebrating a Veteran

Timbuk2 Marine Patrick Graham

We recently met Patrick Graham during a tour of the Timbuk2 factory. He is a Marine Corps veteran who participated in two tours in Iraq. While we very rarely produce one-off Timbuk2 Messengers from fabrics that are sent to us, we made an exception for Patrick as he stood out as someone who more than [...]

OMG Jellyfish

Billion Jelly Bloom

Timbuk2′s Senior Designer and former Marketing extraordinarie teamed up to create this impossibly beautiful jellyfish. It started as a Burning Man project and bloomed into a much bigger but smaller more portable free-swimming marine coelenterate. Say hello to the original, luminous, dance partner-sized jellyfish for fun-lovers and their friends who marvel at them. Their jellies [...]

Seattle Store Construction

Timbuk2 Seattle Store Construction

We’re hammering away at our new retail space in Seattle at 7th and Pine. Looking forward to our opening weekend on May 4! Our beloved bike racks, handmade in San Francisco by our friend Alan from Almost Scientific, will provide in-store customer bike parking and eventually, a home for our three bike share bikes. It [...]

April Fool’s Chuck

Chuck's Desk

Our Director of Business Intelligence cannot find his desk. Chuck has been on the Timbuk2 team for seven years. How hard can it be to find your desk?! Well, kinda hard if it’s in the women’s bathroom. April Fool’s Chuck! We love/torture you.

Read The Good Book

Timbuk2 Good Book

Next time you’re ready to settle in for a good read, check out Timbuk2′s The Good Book. Recently published in limited edition hardback format, it’s really good. We’re not silly enough to think you’d actually read a real book, so we slotted in a protective home for your iPad to enable maximum reading distraction. It [...]

Breaking Ground

Hard at work, Seattle Timbuk2 Store

As we charge forward with the opening of our second retail store, our team is working on the space re-design and build non-stop. Our retail store manager Bryan has been flying up and down between Seattle and San Francisco making sure we’re on schedule and overseeing the transformation of our soon to be new home. [...]