R3DNA and Timbuk2

R3DNA + Timbuk2

We’ve been working hard on making our company more sustainable from the ground up. We’re in the process of developing a steady repairs program and have teamed up with Terracycle to limit our waste from hitting the landfill. Along the same lines, we’ve teamed up with R3DNA whose mission is “Reclaim, Repurpose, Reborn”. Every year [...]

Reflective Fellows

Reflective Fellows

Our homepage features a Parisian ocean cleaning robot engineer and San Francisco-based American installation artist, both avid cyclists who wear highly reflective, custom Timbuk2 messenger bags. Say that six times. Cesar Harada and David Gurman in their reflective Timbuk2 messenger bags. We met Cesar and David at the 2013 Ted Fellow Retreat in Whistler, Canada [...]

How do you chill?


Every year, come summertime, we release the coveted Dolores Chiller. We dream of heading out to the park sporting sunglasses, short shorts and a beer filled cooler bag. Alas, ever year come summertime our city is blanketed by fog by our good friend Karl. So we wait a couple months layered up a sweater, another [...]

Golden Ticket Winner!


We’re very happy to announce another lucky Golden Ticket Winner! Juanita and her daughter Ani from Salt Lake City Utah opened their Custom Eula and tucked in there was one of those magical Golden Tickets. The winner: Name: Juanita A. Occupation: Part time bookseller at Barnes and Noble, full time Photographer. Timbuk2 you currently own/carry: [...]

California Collection

California Collection from Timbuk2

We’re stoked to announce the launch of the California Collection. Inspired by the 1980′s the California Collection pairs vintage styling with modern features. Leather zipper pulls, chunky zippers and throwback woven labels are paired with iPad pockets, u-lock holders and smart organization. It’s heritage for the modern world. Shop here. Shop here.

Wear Your Pride

Timbuk2 Pride Strap Pad

It’s June and you know what that means . . . delicious cherries, late sunsets, and lots of pride. Back for a limited time only, our made in San Francisco Pride Strap Pad makes for a comfortable, very proud carry. Wear equality. Timbuk2 Pride Strap Pad >

Glamorous Bike Parts

Recycled Bike Part Chandelier

Wow. We’d display these in our home/mausoleum. Recycled Bicycle Part Chandeliers Photos courtesy of stylepantry

Exclusively for Apple

Slide Backpack

Fueled by our deep love of perfectly edited, shockingly useful devices, we’re proud to introduce a limited collection of Timbuk2 products developed exclusively for Apple. The Finder, Launchpad, and Slide provide everything you need and nothing (or very little) you don’t, just like the devices they were designed to carry. Available now in select Apples [...]

Custom Fabric Inspiration


Our women’s designer Kacie shares her inspiration for the new prints she chose for our customizer. Check them out here. Kaleidoscope: Warm and cool tones in a global graphic mashup that makes you want to drop everything and go. This feminine Kaleidoscope holds its own with rugged denim or durable ballistic nylon. Recently customized in [...]

Timbuk2 Pottery

Timbuk2 Teapot

We have the greatest fans. We recently received this email from one of our local customers and were just amazed at the level of creativity and her phenomenal skills. “My name is Rachell Hsu and I am a senior at Lowell High School, here in San Francisco. During my sophomore year I took ceramics, which [...]