Golden Ticket Winner

Golden Ticket Winner

We had another lucky Golden Ticket winner over the holidays, a gift within a gift would you believe! Meet Matthew who was the latest to come away with a $300.00 gift certificate to and a tour to our factory. • Name: Matthew M. • Where you live: Nashville, TN • Profession: A software developer [...]

To Hell and Back

photo 4

It’s not every day that we get this type of letter. This one really doesn’t need a preface, it’s worth the 5 minutes you’ll spend reading it. Keep on keepin’ on. To whom this may or may not concern, I was pushed from fellow friends and colleagues to write you all about this personal story [...]

Golden Ticket Winner

Golden Ticket Winner

We’ve got another Timbuk2 Golden Ticket Winner! Meet Chris, a Physics teacher from Miami Florida who has told us about his adventures with Timbuk2. We asked Chris about his any Timbuk2 bags he currently owned our carried, and here is his awesome story: “Counting those that I have purchased and given to my son or [...]

Travel Sweepstakes


Timbuk2 and Intrepid Travel are giving away a two week trip for two in France! Both Timbuk2 and Intrepid Travel began their stories in 1989, and since then, both companies have shared similar values. Responsibility, fun, innovation and passion fuel our brands. Intrepid takes people on incredible trips around the world while we make bags [...]


Morning Raid

We designed the Raider Pack in collaboration with San Francisco’s Mission Cycling Club. The Raider frees you to get in a pre-work ride without weighing you down. Super light-weight, it even includes a folding board to keep your clothes from getting wrinkled on your way to work. We’ve launched a giveaway and will be giving [...]

Sample Sale

Warehouse Sale

We’re having another epic Warehouse sale. One day only! Our ridiculously good looking bags available at ridiculously low prices. Discounts will range from 60% to 80% – everything must go! 2131 Beechcraft Rd Vacaville, CA 95688 Behind the building- door 25. Parking will be available in the back. RSVP HERE. All sales are final, no [...]

The Biggest Messenger

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 7.03.23 AM

We’ve built the world’s largest messenger bag. That’s right. This bag was conceived during a team brainstorm when someone asked “What’s the craziest product we can make?”. We’ve been making messenger bags for 25 years. We make big ones, small ones, medium ones…ones for cameras and ones for beer and even packs for dogs, but [...]

Stolen bike pt. 2

Vanessa and officer Friedman

On Wednesday our awesome employee Vanessa spotted a shady character walking away clumsily with a bike twice his size. After confronting the man, it became clear that the bike had just been stolen. Vanessa reached for her phone and upon threatening to call police the thief reluctantly walked away from the ride. We reached out [...]

Timbuk2 Tattooed

Melanie Lark Timbuk2 Tattooed

Thanks to all who entered in and voted on our Timbuk2Tattooed contest! The winner is Melanie Lucia of Lark Tattoo! Many thanks to the other artists, all the bags have sold! Over 750 votes from across the world and Melanie Lucia from Lark Tattoo was voted as fan favorite for Timbuk2Tattooed. We’ll be donating $350 [...]

Stolen Bike pt.1

Stolen Bay Area Bike Share

It all started with us spotting a stolen San Francisco Bike Share bike on the notoriously seedy corner of 16th and Mission. We tweeted it out to the San Francisco Police Department’s Anti Bike Theft unit: Within minutes they Tweeted back to us: We gave the guys in blue a quick ring and our friends [...]