Wadi Rum Vacation

Forget Vegas. The Menghettis do Wadi Rum. The Candy Bar in good company. A Meneghetti, a Wadi Rum local and a very lucky Timbuk2 Candy Bar.

11th Street Showstopper

I see Chris riding up Polk Street in San Francisco all the time. We ride identical routes to work every day less a few blocks at the beginning and end. So after following him for miles and miles, I introduced myself and assured him I was not a stalker. I probably creeped him out but [...]

Soaked in San Francisco

When a rain jacket just won’t do, reach for the closest trash bag. Timbuk2′s stellar intern in Product Design, Michael, made it work this morning.

SFO Showstopper: Matt & the Hacker

We recently spotted Matt in SFO with his Hacker. He searched for three months until he found his perfect bag, the Blogger. Matt likes how the Hacker can be a messenger and a backpack and a laptop bag. After he bought one two of his friends bought them too and his wife has claimed his [...]

Sewing Orange & Black

Our sewing team go in the spirit and sewed orange and black bags for tonight’s Giants game. As you see below, no man can match Jonny’s enthusiasm. The bags are hanging in our retail store and you can customize your own here. The sewing team and Jonny show their Giants pride. Sewing a classic three [...]

Backpack Survival

We recently received this note from a customer who endured a scary sideswipe on his bike. Fortunately his body, backpack and MacBook Pro (Hallelujah!) are in good health. Read his story below. Dear Timbuk2, Two days ago while biking in Chicago with my macbook pro in my Timbuk2 backpack I was sideswiped by a car. [...]

Internship Week 5: Back on “Campus”

In preparation of the new school year (and before I came here), Timbuk2 designed a series of campus bags. The “Messenger 101″ and “Slacker” are simple and affordable bags with a ton of potential. My task for this week was to show the creative capability of the Campus bag. I saw this project as a [...]