Giants Fever


For the second time in three years the San Francisco Giants won the World Series and baseball fever swept over the City. Our office was far from immune to the baseball frenzy as many Timbuk2ers had closely followed the hometown team throughout the topsy-turvy season. Groups from the office went out to the ballpark together, some [...]

timbuk2fans 3

We recently launched as a tribute to Timbuk2 fans who romp around the world with trusty Timbuk2 companions. We receive so many great photo submissions from fans with their bags around the world through our social commnity that we decided collect and organize these images in a steady stream of Timbuk2 goodness . Our goal is to celebrate the fantastic community of fans we have and [...]

Timbuk2 in Dolores

On sunny days in Dolores, we seem to run into quite a few sweet Timbuk2′s. Here are a couple showstoppers spotted on a sunny Sunday: Dog+Sun+Command+Custom Messenger = Awesome: A classic Timbuk2, a vintage trek and a sweet shirt (53 miles per burrito!):

San Francisco Manufacturing

Last week was SF Made week, and in honor of this celebration of San Francisco companies, Tribute SF released their video on manufacturing in The City by The Bay . Timbuk2 is proud to be featured in this beautiful piece on folks who are making quality goods right in the heart of one of America’s [...]

How A Bag Caught A Foul Ball

Timbuk2 rockstar Denae went to an Oakland A’s game last week. Little did she know that her bag would help her catch a pop foul heading her way. Here is her story: It’s been 7yrs since I’ve been to an Oakland A’s game, but I guess that was lucky, cuz on Saturday night when I [...]

Brain Food

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Carrot cupcake from the Noe Valley Bakery. Our asses thank you.

T2 In The Pacific Northwest

The Timbuk2 product creation team did our seasonal trend/inspiration/research trip in Seattle this season. We pick a different city in North America every season and spend a couple days getting the vibe of what people are wearing, what shops need, and general trends. This helps our Product Managers and Designers get inspired and ready for [...]