Now Riding Denver

Confluence Park, Denver

There’s a lot to love about Colorado: insane biking culture (from Denver Cruisers to USA Pro Challenge), one of the longest (and best) ski seasons in the country, appreciation for hearty food (to fill post-ride bellies, like our neighbors Euclid Hall), craft beer culture, and a ground swell of loyal Timbuk2 fans, it is probably no surprise to hear [...]

The OG Fixie

San Francisco bicycle messenger and blogger Bluoz unearthed an interesting article from the San Francisco Call, August 4, 1895; the paper was published between 1895 and 1913. The writer describes the wonders of the amazing new cog bicycle which was essentially the original fixie bike, as gears weren’t invented until 1905. Patented by PJ O’Connor, [...]

Farmers Market Showstoppers

I love farmers markets. One of my favorites is San Francisco’s Heart of the City Farmers Market at UN Plaza on Wednesdays and Sundays. Not only does it have some of the cheapest produce in the city (cherries are in season!), but it’s also conveniently located off Market Street so you can shop by bike. [...]