Ride Like You Want To: Winter Riding

Winter riding is crisp and refreshing, but it can also be a freezing nightmare. Cold-induced ear aches and nose drops – tell me I’m not the only one! – can lead one to reconsider riding in the winter months. The following are my tips for taking the bite out of your winter ride. Head: I [...]


Amsterdam is flat, San Francisco is not. The Dutch love to sail and so do San Franciscans. The Dutch look hot on bikes, San Francisco cyclists are both hot and not. How can these two cities be so alike and disimilar? It’s all about the bike. Joe Peach’s post, “How San Francisco Became a Cycling [...]

Can Bikes Save Us?

This morning we came across Cliff Kuang’s fantastic post, How Bikes Can Save Us, and our office is buzzing with anecdotes and possibility. Continuing our discussion of Riding Like You Want To, my thoughts on Kuang’s post are the following: On Fitness: I’m a super active person, so I don’t consider my bike commute vigorous [...]

Bike Commute Visuals

This is what your bike commutes look like. Via Bike Commute Photo Contest on Facebook (Nov 15 – 17, 2011).

Oh My!

Every bike commute should look like this. Via halloweenorwilliamsburg.tumblr.com.

Mission Cycling Wallet Glam Shots

Oooo. Ahhh. Makes you want to work hard for big legs, skinny arms and sexy tan lines. The Mission Cycling Wallet launches tomorrow @ the Timbuk2 retail store, timbuk2.com, Mission Cycling retail store & missioncycling.org/shop

The Hoff

Our new Nightrider Messenger was not necessarily inspired by the Hoff, but his soundtrack makes it hot hot hot. Ups to the Hoff. See the Nightrider’s real inspiration here.

Mission Cycling Wallet Launch Party

There have been rumors and exciting “leaked” photos of our beloved wallet collaboration with local cycling club, Mission Cycling. We’re pleased to announce that the Mission Cycling Wallet is launching on Friday, October 28. Join us for the launch party on Thursday night, October 27. About This Project: Timbuk2 and Mission Cycling are San Francisco [...]

Nightrider Messenger

We’re insanely stoked to welcome the newest Limited Edition member of our made in San Francisco messenger bag family, the Nightrider Messenger. The Nightrider was inspired by two cyclists’ hacks and the Bay Bridge rumble strips, and is designed to give you maximum visibility on-bike (action video!). The Story of the Nightrider’s Immaculate Conception: 2008 [...]

Why I Live Here

This is my ride home. During lunch I picked up my CSA delivery a few blocks away. I also popped into the store to pick up a couple bottles of wine. So with a basket full of peppers, basil, tomatoes, squash and wine, I am ready to pedal the 6 blocks from the office to [...]