Supporting Josh

Josh Hartman Red Hook Crit

This past weekend at the Red Hook Criterium, 15 year old aspiring cyclist Joshua Hartman crashed and sustained severe injuries. He is currently in the intensive care unit and will need several surgeries to reconstruct his face. Many of us at Timbuk2 have had spills on bicycles, a few have been hit by cars, but [...]

Spills and Shoulders


Our man Jordan took a spill last night and suffered a Type II shoulder separation. He then rode home, slept on it, rose in the morning, rode to the hospital, had it adjusted, put on a sling, strapped his messenger bag over his other shoulder, and rode to work. No biggie. Jordan, post sling ride [...]

What To Do When You’re Doored

On December 1, 2011, I got doored (ugh). It was my first really scary bike crash and I was lucky to walk away uninjured. The car door slammed into my frame, knocking me into traffic. Fortunately no cars were coming and my head took a solid bonk, but my helmet protected me from injury. While [...]

Timbuk2 Life-Saver

Another loyal Timbuk2 fan recently got smashed by a car (grrr!) but her Timbuk2 messenger (and ecology textbook) miraculously saved her life! Read her unbelievable story below. Kaitlyn, you are a badass and we are so thrilled you are healthy! Thank you for sharing your story. Kaitlyn with her life-saving Timbuk2 bag. From Kaitlyn: I [...]

Backpack Survival

We recently received this note from a customer who endured a scary sideswipe on his bike. Fortunately his body, backpack and MacBook Pro (Hallelujah!) are in good health. Read his story below. Dear Timbuk2, Two days ago while biking in Chicago with my macbook pro in my Timbuk2 backpack I was sideswiped by a car. [...]