New Bike Racks in the House

The entryway of Timbuk2 is suddenly much roomier thanks to our new custom bike racks. They were made by Almost Scientific in San Francisco; love home-grown products. We’re excited about them because as one Timbuk2 commuter explained this morning, “we can like, walk now” through our entryway. Luxurious. Happy bikes hanging from the wall. Our [...]

Bike Racks in the House

Our made-in-San-Francisco bikes racks are in-house and ready for installation. Now we just need somehow who’s good with power tools . . . Alan from Almost Scientific and his bike rack work of art. Ready for installation.

Bike Rack Ready

Our bikes racks are complete! Their creator Alan from Almost Scientific is going to install them on Monday. Our bikes are gonna look hot hanging from our walls. Learn more about our bike racks here. Timbuk2 custom bike racks by Almost Scientific.

Metal to the Rescue

Timbuk2 has a slight bike parking problem. So we asked our friend Alan at Almost Scientific to solve our problem with his metal working skills. Here’s what he’s got so far. Slightly better than this. Do we really need Timbuk2 branded bike racks?! Of course not. That’s why they’re gonna be so awesome. The hooks [...]

Try, Just Try to Steal This

No one wants their bike to be stolen but UCSF is taking bike theft really seriously! I looked around with my hands on my hips and did a lap or two before attempting to lock my bike into this contraption. Really wanted to high five someone when I figured it out. Hope I can get [...]