Venice Beach Now Open!

Timbuk2 Venice Beach 1410 Abbot Kinney

Golden beaches, blue skies, palm trees and a boardwalk full of beach cruisers, skate boards, runners, walkers, iron pumpers, buskers, surfers and for better or worse, seriously everything in between. This is Venice Beach. Now dust off them sandy feet, sandals optional, jump on your cruiser and pedal your way a few blocks from the [...]

Timbuk2 Rides

We’ve been busy this week at Timbuk2, getting all of our employees together for one of our yearly meetings. This year we hosted everyone in the beautiful Claremont hotel in Berkeley, which gave us the excuse to get on our saddles and ride the scenic East Bay Hills. We started at the Claremont Hotel and [...]

Bike Camping

The Bay Area has so many great camping spots just doorsteps from the urban heartbeat. Just a bike ride away, you can be away from the sirens and bright lights of the city. In the last month, I’ve gone on a few camping trips on my bike. It’s a great way to get a good [...]

Sweat Management Tactics

It started last year when we asked folks why they ride and posted their responses to this word cloud (also appeared here). We got curious again this month and asked folks about their on-bike headphone use and different methods of commuting. All this talk of commuting sparked a question from Timbuk2 fan @mendesp who asked: [...]

Sunday Streets in the Loin

A month ago I went to Ocean Beach with friends for the Great Highway edition of Sunday Street. Despite San Francisco’s typical wintery summer, everyone was it good spirits and fun was had. I particularly enjoyed how many people brought their furry friends. A furry friend trying to steal treats from her master’s Timbuk2 bag. [...]

Try, Just Try to Steal This

No one wants their bike to be stolen but UCSF is taking bike theft really seriously! I looked around with my hands on my hips and did a lap or two before attempting to lock my bike into this contraption. Really wanted to high five someone when I figured it out. Hope I can get [...]

Arm Warmers Part Deux

It’s an arm warmers kind of day in San Francisco. That means it’s nice enough not to wear a jacket and everyone is acting crazy because they’re drunk on sunshine. Anyone who knows San Francisco knows that summer doesn’t really exist here. Indian summer in September and October yes, but summer summer in July and [...]