California Collection

California Collection from Timbuk2

We’re stoked to announce the launch of the California Collection. Inspired by the 1980′s the California Collection pairs vintage styling with modern features. Leather zipper pulls, chunky zippers and throwback woven labels are paired with iPad pockets, u-lock holders and smart organization. It’s heritage for the modern world. Shop here. Shop here.

Bag of Holding

The original Timbuk2 Swig large is a voluminous bag.  Some of us don’t need such capacity day to day, but a scooter trip for two, from SF to LA requires a Bag of Holding! Valkyrie Savage surveying the upcoming road. Evan Stratford wondering how much horse power is needed. It held every they needed for a week jaunt down [...]

Vintage Vantage

The Alameda Point hosts a huge antique flea market on the first Sunday of every month.  It’s like a trip through time walking the miles worth of vintage treasures. You cannot walk out of there without something, even if it’s just kettlcorn. This time around I particularly admired how goods were re-purposed; art is truly in [...]

Stop, Hammertime

This stop sign puts the M-C in S-T-O-P. We feel very lucky that it’s in front of our office. While it’s illegal to stick these (fabulous) stickers on stop signs, you can find yourself some here. Hammertime @ 20th and Shotwell in San Francisco. Oh, oh oh. We posted this image on our Facebook page [...]

No Smiling Allowed

I had the great pleasure of spending the morning at the DMV. I stood in line despite arriving on-time for an appointment, waited for number F012 to flash on a screen with other anxious people, paid $31 for a new license, waited in another line for 25 minutes to have my photo taken and then [...]