WIYB: Snoop

Tweeted by @paulcredmond on September 28. See more Timbuk2 WIYB photos here & worldwide WIYB photos here.

One Hot Second

This may come as a massive shock, but Timbuk2 doesn’t invest in TV ads. Why? Because it’s much more fun to make cameos in other people’s ads. Check these out. A Timbuk2 pack rides by in the 15th second of Bank of America’s ad and a Timbuk2 messenger chills on a bike in the 10th [...]

Hard Working Showstoppers

I spotted these Timbuk2 showstoppers in nature but then coaxed them to tell me why they chose their respective Timbuk2 bags. Thank you Tom, Molly and Gary for humoring me and putting Timbuk2 to the test day after day. Impressive color-coordination. Any guesses why Tom chose this Q Backpack? That’s right. He’s striking in maroon. [...]

Snoop Camera Messenger

This handy feature map of our new Snoop Camera Messenger calls out the 12 reasons why (we think) it rocks.

The Camera Bag is Here

Our Snoop Camera Messenger launched last night after four years of requests. Thank you for staying the course! We really do listen and making a camera bag is tricky business so your ideas were a big part of making this happen. Now about our camera bag . . . We made it little different than [...]

Cozy Home for your Camera

Nope, we still don’t have a camera specific bag, but we are one step closer. Check this out for all the details you need to make a warm cozy home for your camera and accessories. We can’t take all the credit, in fact, we can’t take any of it. This is what some of our [...]