#beersinbags winners


Check out the amazing submissions to our ‪#‎beersinbags‬ contest on Instagram! Congratulations to our winners @quick_jon @mozzie_puggle and @harvydanger and thanks to all that entered! We couldn’t help but award prizes to a few runner ups.

How do you chill?


Every year, come summertime, we release the coveted Dolores Chiller. We dream of heading out to the park sporting sunglasses, short shorts and a beer filled cooler bag. Alas, ever year come summertime our city is blanketed by fog by our good friend Karl. So we wait a couple months layered up a sweater, another [...]

Summer Park Kit Winner


We’re happy to announce the lucky winner of our Summer Park Kit. Here’s a little profile on this Santa Cruz native who’s ready to rock her Timbuk2 Dolores Chiller. She’s all smiles! Name: Heather R. Age 26 Where you live: Santa Cruz, Ca Profession: Customer Service Supervisor at Whole Foods Market, Seasonal Ocean Lifeguard Timbuk2 [...]

The Bavarian Chiller

Every year we launch a Chiller Messenger in beer de jour colors to keep your beer cold and our minds at ease. Today we launched our latest Chiller; a tribute to Oktoberfest, Munchen, and Bavaria. 2013 marks our third year of chilly brews. It started in 2011; who knows what 2014 will bring?! Let us [...]

OG Chiller

An OG Chiller in God Bless America/PBR red white and blue. This year’s Chiller pays homage to the beachy beverage Corona. We love seeing your products in use. Post them to our Facebook wall or send them to social@timbuk2.com. The OG Chiller in its element. Thanks to the T2 fan who submitted this photo!

Heavy Haul with the Chiller

In order to film this video, Jordan had to carry a video camera, tripod, bike lock, two bags of ice and a 12 pack of Corona bottles on his back across the entire city. He did it with a backpack and a Chiller. The things we do for highbrow film . . . Jordan’s outrageous [...]

Field Testing the Chiller

We rigorously tested the Chiller before releasing it to parks and beaches worldwide. It was difficult, but you’re worth it. How to Field Test the Chiller Step 1) Take a Chiller to the beach on a legitimate beach day in San Francisco. Note, this is very difficult. Step 2) Crack a chilled beverage with your [...]

Dolores Chiller Part Deux

It’s that time of year again. The sun is out, the nights are long and your local park is expecting you with your favorite frosted beverage. This is how the Dolores Chiller was born. It was 2009 and we were tired of carrying 12-packs on our backs. So we developed this convert cooler. Is it [...]

The Chiller is Back

The Chiller is back. Put your hands in the air!