Dueling Doors in San Francisco

A walk around the block in San Francisco never disappoints. Today’s walk featured dueling garage doors. Why be bland when you can be bananas? Modern Medusa looks after the block on 22nd, two blocks from Timbuk2 headquarters. Left door, 22nd Street at Folsom in San Francisco. Not to be outdone (above), Modern Medusa’s neighbor chose [...]

Snow in San Francisco

City Hall featured a red carpet and real snow last night. I should have ridden in my mink coat! It was a slightly less glamorous scene this morning. A sad little snowman was melting in the morning sun and two big guys with shovels were cleaning up the melt. Out with the mink, in withe [...]

What Happens in Vegas

. . . stays in Vegas, unless we catch you in the act. A Timbuk2 Copilot escaping Sin City.

New York City Showstoppers

Not quite as thrilling as spotting a Yetti but strangely fun to discover, Timbuk2 bags appear in urban landscapes all over the world. Our good friend Elia recently started sharing her images of Timbuk2 caught in the wild on this blog. I think her NYC Showstoppers post inspired another longtime Timbuk2 fan who recently sent [...]