Timbuk2 Showstopper: Tights & Cons

Local gal Andrea popped by the Timbuk2 office last week to drop off a fresh copy of The Poor SF Bastard Almanac. The almanac is a guide to cheap, interesting, sometimes wacky things in San Francisco. Andrea used to work for our friends and neighbors @Arc Metalworks and is currently helping her friend distribute the [...]

Waiting for Blue in Color

@plsiii via instagram: “So many colors, waiting for the blue line @timbuk2.”

Our First Time (All Over Again)

We launched two new custom styles and fabrics yesterday. And then we had our first . . .

Magical Pink Joyride

No, it’s not a Find a Cure bike. Jill has been at this for years! We spotted her commuting to work – talk about making the most of the day! – on Hyde Street in San Francisco this morning. Her magical bubble machine doesn’t operate on Wednesdays, but if you look closely you’ll see that [...]

Showstoppers in Mumbai (Bombay)

Spotted on the streets of Crawford Market in Mumbai, India. (Turkish guy + Polish girl + Custom Timbuk2 messenger) x Mumbai = Showstoppin’ Globetrotters! See more Timbuk2 Showtstoppers here and send us yours to social@timbuk2.com. A Bombay Showstopper in a custom messenger. Custom on the streets of Bombay. Photos courtesy beloved product design intern, Ajay [...]

The Global Exchange

To celebrate the 13 new fabrics we launched on April 4, we’re giving away a custom bag featuring the new fabrics every week in April. Last week featured the Safety Siren messenger and more than 300 people commented on Facebook.com/timbuk2 for a chance to win the bag. This week featured the Global Exchange messenger and [...]

Soaked in San Francisco

When a rain jacket just won’t do, reach for the closest trash bag. Timbuk2′s stellar intern in Product Design, Michael, made it work this morning.

Bitch stole my look! Part Deux.

We mean no disrespect to Mr. Jobs; we’re huge fans and hope he regains his health. But Dom is out of control! Last week it was Jamie and nautical stripes. Now she’s trying to go head to head with Steve and his iconic black turtle neck. Dominique stealing a page from the Steve Jobs playbook.

Timbuk2 Custom Manufacturing

Come inside our San Francisco factory . . .

Fan Mail: Baby in Bag

Our friend Kate received this massive custom Timbuk2 messenger bag as a baby shower gift. Unfortunately it’s too large to use as a diaper bag but she’s clearly finding it useful as a baby bag. Thanks for sharing your story Kate! Our Timbuk2 Fan Mail set includes a surprising number of babies! From Kate: We [...]