New Timbuk2 Customizer

New Timbuk2 Customizer

Hello Future! Meet the new Timbuk2 customizer. Now available on the iPad and in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, our customizer has finally swiped its way into 2013. Our new customizer features: One Page Customization: Customize every detail of your bag on one bigger, better page. How convenient! Filtered Start Page: New filters on our start [...]

Knockout Dog Walking

How to walk an Australian Sheperd in our new custom Knockout Backpack. One Two Three Easy, right?

Mini KBS Messenger

Kelly Benefit Strategies–OptumHealth Pro Cycling rock Timbuk2 bags when they’re not on their bikes and so do their (tiny) fans. Magnus with his mini Timbuk2 KBS messenger.

Communism and Coffee

Would you like some Communism with your coffee? At Timbuk2 we collectively say, “Yes please.” The DMZ mug is the latest addition to our funky mug family, which now features two mugs of Communism. The DMZ mug. The DMZ mug. Freedom is not free. Our original Communist mug.

Cone of Shame

After a glorious week of dog love on and an April Fools pup takeover, our man Toby has been given the cone of shame. In an act of mercy, Toby’s doctor prescribed him a clear cone, but it’s almost worse than the OG white cone because Toby can’t see the cone. After bashing into [...]

What to do After You Procreate

The heir to the Flores fortune, Marcelo, was born last week. Marcelito will have to fill the shoes of the world’s most interesting man, so proper rearing is essential. The Timbuk2 team has been kind enough to share their closely guarded parenting tips. See below, then go home and Tiger Mom your kids. Timbuk2′s Nuggets [...]

Perfectly Plaid

Real Timbuk2 men call each other in the morning to coordinate outfits. The Timbuk2 men in plaid.

Support Japan

This week we’re donating $10 to the Red Cross in Japan for every custom bag sold. Spread the word!

Timbuk2 Custom Manufacturing

Come inside our San Francisco factory . . .

2010 Cookie Extravaganza

There are cookies and then there are cookies . . . Every year Timbuk2′s service hero Tim bakes more than a thousand cookies and gives all of them away. He slacked this year and only made 13 different types. So for the last several hours we’ve been feasting on his irresistible oatmeal raisin, pizelles, almond [...]