Showstopper: Rad Dad

We spotted Mike at SFO with his loved-for-years Timbuk2 messenger, young daughter, beautiful pregnant wife, a doll in his cargo pocket, and tattoos climbing out of his socks. Needless to say, we’re sending him a Stork. Cheers to doing things your own way. Mike, the raddest dad at SFO. See more Timbuk2 Showstoppers here and [...]

A Brief History of the Stork Messenger

The Stork never would have happened without you and thus storks around the word are squawking with gratitude. But for those of you who were not present when the Timbuk2 bag diaper conversation started ~2003, we thought you’d like to see and understand how the conversation unfolded and therefore, how the Stork came to be. [...]

The Stork Has Landed

After years of anticipation, our diaper bag launched today. We are so proud! And we’re grateful to you for kicking us in the buns over and over again until we produced the Stork Messenger. Check out the Stork’s maiden voyage in our hood with our favorite local family. Putting on her riding shoes. Digging for [...]

Wingman Rides

Our Wingman Suitcase seems custom built to a fit Harley Road King. Our CEO Mike used the Wingman’s cross body strap to lash it onto this bike. Vroom. The Wingman lashed to the back of a Harley. Use at your own risk.

Dreams of Diaper Bags Come True

Ok, so this may not be exactly what you all had in mind when you asked for a diaper bag, but I’m 35 weeks pregnant, and I promise you this is what I plan to do for my diaper bag needs. We’ve collected the best ideas from super smart customers like you and put them [...]