Holiday Baggage

Staff @ Seattle

As we look back at December, we send out the highest of fives for the rockstar team at our new-in-2013 store in downtown Seattle. This marks the first Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/relax-and-eat -chocolate-and-eggnog season for us at our sweet spot at 7th and Pine st. Between the wonderful madness that was Black Friday and Dec 1, this Timbuk2 crew crafted a carny-inspired ”Holiday [...]

So Crafty

I admit it. When given the opportunity to make an artist series bag at a company team building event, I choked. I consider myself pretty crafty, creative even, but sit me down with paint and a blank canvas and I sorta can’t breathe. It’s worse then writer’s block because for me the “blank” is the [...]