T2 Dog Sledding

Timbuk2 Dog-sledding in Greenland

We were recently on Twitter when this came our way: We were so amazed by this awesome adventure that we had to find out more. We reached out to Dan, and within minutes we had the full story: in response to your tweet – I bought my bag about 1995 or so and have basically [...]

Bob or Railay

bob american water spaniel Timbuk2

One of our good friends Sam recently got his first Timbuk2 Laptop Messenger. After some help designing the bag in-store and having it arrive at his doorstep, his cat Railay promptly jumped in: “Miaow bag” he announced! We’re no strangers to cats and dogs in bags, but Bob, Sams’ American water spaniel wasn’t down to [...]

The Woofpack

Our Clifford Canine Carrier bubbled inspiring fan photos to the surface. Mason, ready for a ride through Portland. Timbuk2 fan Emily has been using her old school Timbuk2 bag for her smaller dog for years. Emily says: I’m a 31 year old designer finishing up a Masters degree in Architecture and living in Portland, Oregon. [...]

Showstopper: Muttmoving

Spotted in our retail store in San Francisco. Woof. Cookie in her new Mutt Mover in the Timbuk2 retail store.

Cone Free Toby

After three days in the cone of shame, Toby is back to his wonderful, old man self. A much happier Mr. Toby.

Pooch Pack Showstopper

This showstopper was spotted on Polk Street on Friday evening. Bow wow! A rider with his pooch on Polk Street.