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Outdoor Retailer is an industry trade show that happens twice a year, bringing together gear junkies, retailers in the outdoor industry, rad brands, influencers and writers in the media, and SO MANY BEAUTIFUL PUPS. Timbuk2 has been exhibiting at the event for years, and this year, in addition to showing the new Spring 2015 product [...]

Shoes, a Bag’s Best Friend

Like people and their dogs, Timbuk2 bags tend to resemble their owner’s footwear. In documenting the Timbuk2 team from the knees down, we discovered that you can learn a lot from someone by what they carry on their back and on their feet. Stay tuned for more footsie from the Timbuk2 team. Sophisticated Siren. Jennys [...]

Twins in the House

Matching hoodies. Fierce.

Have you seen this dog?

…. because it. is. AWESOME! (thanks to sadetsydogs for the image)

Cone of Shame

After a glorious week of dog love on and an April Fools pup takeover, our man Toby has been given the cone of shame. In an act of mercy, Toby’s doctor prescribed him a clear cone, but it’s almost worse than the OG white cone because Toby can’t see the cone. After bashing into [...]

Greeting Ritual

Dharma and Toby take their greeting ritual very seriously. Makes a simple “Hello” seem insulting.

Moto Pup

I must admit that I’m not an avid reader of, but this image is worth a gander. Dharma eat your heart out. A moto pup. Photo courtesy of

Hooray for dogs and bags!

One of Timbuk2′s friends, Mary had a very special bag made.  She commissioned artist Vikki Cruz to paint a portrait of her dog, Kacey, on the bag. It was a gift to her husband- super cool!  Here’s the dog bag at the cabin.