How do you chill?


Every year, come summertime, we release the coveted Dolores Chiller. We dream of heading out to the park sporting sunglasses, short shorts and a beer filled cooler bag. Alas, ever year come summertime our city is blanketed by fog by our good friend Karl. So we wait a couple months layered up a sweater, another [...]

Dolores Pilsner

Dolores Chiller 4

Summer weather calls for chilly refreshment and therefore, a festive, dependable cooler. Enter our fourth generation Chiller Messenger Bag. A fully insulated cooler disguised as a Classic Messenger Bag, the Chiller is an essential summer companion. Its built-in bottle opener and Pilsner themed design details — embroidered “wax seal” strap pad, sud-printed liner, crisp green [...]

CEO’s Lunch Run

Mike Wallenfels CEO Timbuk2 Skiing w Dolores Chiller

When our CEO Mike Wallenfels isn’t commuting 30 miles to work from his home in Novato or traveling the world to show off our bags, he takes a break from it all up in the mountains. His wife snapped some great shots of him skiing in Bear Valley during the holidays. He hit “Lunch Run” [...]

Back for Oktoberfest

Timbuk2 Chiller Cheers

Our beloved München Chiller is back for Oktoberfest. Given that we have a real German and a real Swiss in the Timbuk2 family, we felt a traditional celebration was in order. So we rode over to our local park for a very jolly photo shoot. It all started with a real German a real Swiss [...]

Field Testing the Chiller

We rigorously tested the Chiller before releasing it to parks and beaches worldwide. It was difficult, but you’re worth it. How to Field Test the Chiller Step 1) Take a Chiller to the beach on a legitimate beach day in San Francisco. Note, this is very difficult. Step 2) Crack a chilled beverage with your [...]

Dolores Chiller Part Deux

It’s that time of year again. The sun is out, the nights are long and your local park is expecting you with your favorite frosted beverage. This is how the Dolores Chiller was born. It was 2009 and we were tired of carrying 12-packs on our backs. So we developed this convert cooler. Is it [...]

The Chiller is Back

The Chiller is back. Put your hands in the air!

Summer in San Francisco

We had a hot photo shoot on the beach this morning. It involved cold beers and bikinis @ 9 am – the miracle of limes – but Jared’s bike stole the show. Jared’s baby mama.