Twitter Fan Mail

We recently spotted this tweet: Stoked to see this old-school Timbuk2 Messenger, we sent out an email to our entire crew to make sure they got to see it. We got in touch with Chase and were lucky enough to hear of his amazing journey with his now “vintage” bag. In ’93 or ’94, I [...]

Fan Mail: Rastafari

The Timbuk2 rasta messenger is a classic. In February, we launched a ready-made rasta messenger for the first time in years, possibly decades. But we’ve always (always) offered rasta colors in our customizer and we see rasta bags come off the line in our San Francisco factory every week. Our beloved local sales rep, Dom, [...]

Fan Mail: Timbuk2 in Nanjing

Our friend Bill from Le Travel Store in San Diego sent us this outrageously cool photo from his travels with a Copilot and Commute 2.0 in Nanjing. Le talented photographer! Bill explained, “The funny thing about this photo {is that} while the station guard looks quite serious, he was bubbling with personality and hamming it [...]

FanMail: Sharky Margaret River

Our friend Noel recently visited Margaret River, Australia with his girlfriend and their stunning custom Timbuk2 messengers. He was kind enough to share these photos of his adventure. We’ve never been to Margaret River but we’ve heard it’s a very sharky place. So on the eve of Shark Week, we figured now was the time [...]

Fan Mail: Baby in Bag

Our friend Kate received this massive custom Timbuk2 messenger bag as a baby shower gift. Unfortunately it’s too large to use as a diaper bag but she’s clearly finding it useful as a baby bag. Thanks for sharing your story Kate! Our Timbuk2 Fan Mail set includes a surprising number of babies! From Kate: We [...]


A Timbuk2 fan recently sent us this photo of him and his best friend taking a very standard and not at all fun stroll through a train yard. He explained that his best friend, “Has had his [Timbuk2 bag] for 11 years, so I bought one and I love it. [They're] suitable for whatever trouble [...]