Fan Mail: The Whole Beast

Our friend John roasts whole animals over open fires for a living. And for years he bike commuted over the Golden Gate bridge with a Timbuk2 bag full of knives. He’s a real life American badass. After years of working in San Francisco’s best restaurants, John started The Whole Beast. A San Francisco-based operation, John [...]

Grocery Shopping with Timbuk2

Since I upgraded from a small to a large messenger, Timbuk2 has become my grocery bag of choice. A few days ago, I went to my local farmers market and bought a 15-pound watermelon that was twice the size of my head. Then I bought a dozen peaches and nectarines. Magically, they all fit nicely [...]

4th of July Paella

I live in the densest neighborhood in San Francisco. While it’s not exactly known for parks, the Tenderloin has its fair share of secret gardens for enjoying BBQs and cocktails on sunny afternoons. This year on the 4th fo July we found ourselves in one of these secret gardens. But instead of bringing the standard [...]