Painted Cargo Tote

Check out what the intern did to a Vinyl Cargo Tote.

Internship Week 7: Bag Overload!

This week I dealt with product samples. Timbuk2 has a ton of new products coming out! I took pictures, labeled, categorized and prepped the bags. I also learned how companies ship inventory. We sent out sample bags to companies looking to carry Timbuk2. It all sounds a bit boring, but I enjoyed being buried up [...]

Hey! I’m the Intern!

When I stepped into Timbuk2 headquarters to begin my internship, I was greeted with a pleasant surprise: No suits, no ties, no cubicles, no bright florescent lights, and no sad faces! The Timbuk2 office is a laid back, diverse environment, much like the city of San Francisco. Everyone was dressed casually. There were dogs running [...]

The Intern Has Arrived!

Summer just got cooler here at Timbuk2. Mark “the Intern”  joined the Timbuk2 team last week! He’ll be helping us out with all things business-y (with a focus on marketing). And as of today, he will be writing about his Timbuk2 experience on this here blog. Follow Mark for the inside scoop on what it’s [...]