New Timbuk2 Customizer

New Timbuk2 Customizer

Hello Future! Meet the new Timbuk2 customizer. Now available on the iPad and in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, our customizer has finally swiped its way into 2013. Our new customizer features: One Page Customization: Customize every detail of your bag on one bigger, better page. How convenient! Filtered Start Page: New filters on our start [...]

Timbuk2+Green Schools


Timbuk2 donated some rad Ipad Sleeves to the San Francisco Unified School District, called Green Schools Corps. Now each corps member will have an iPad with a T2 ipad Sleeve in the garden to document student work and input data about the lessons they teach.  And here is more evidence that “being Green” in our schools is good for [...]

In Apple Stores Near You

Our favorite MacBook and iPad-friendly products launched in Apple stores around the country today. We’re proud to bring color to the church of black and white and hope our presence makes your experience even more efficient, beautiful and addicting. Timbuk2 in Apple in the big apple. 5th Avenue store.

TSA Strikes Again

TSA says “Netbooks, e-readers and iPads can be kept inside bags during airport checks.” Your “smaller than standard” gadgets can now breath a collective sigh for they no longer have to ride in the bins of shame. However, your very threatening shoes, sweater, belt, nasty clear baggy, and “standard” size gadgets must still do bin [...]

Timbuk2 and the iPad

The iPad is coming out tomorrow (gasp!) and we’ve been getting a lot of questions about what Timbuk2 bags will/not fit the iPad. So we had our man Jared do a video that demonstrates how the Quickie (XS), Slingshot (S), and the Freestyle Messenger (XS) fit an iPad. Learn more about Timbuk2′s best iPad options [...]