Onigiri in the House

Team Onigilly

Today we had delicious Onigilly for lunch. Say that three times in a Japanese accent! Hai. As part of our Monthly Lunch from a Local program – remember Jess from Eat Banh Mi? – Koji and Kaye of Onigilly made us hand-held, nori-wrapped umami treats in the Timbuk2 kitchen until we’d devoured every grain. @Onigilly [...]

Salad & Sunshine: Bike Watching

Salad & Sunshine has become a Timbuk2 institution. Every day I make a massive salad full of shockingly cheap but good vegetables from our favorite Mission grocer (22nd & Folsom) and stand in front of Timbuk2, luxuriating in the sun and enjoying my Californian feast (mock & follow). One would think the corner of Shotwell [...]

Tall Truck

This is how Timbuk2 does lunch trucks. Jordan on his tall bike at CES in Vegas. “Gimme a dog slider.”