Timbuk2 CMWC

Andrea in Chicago

We’re in Chicago and enjoying the hot summer days by Lake Michigan. We’re here to be part of the Cycling Messenger World Championships which will be held right next to the lakefront and Soldier Field this weekend. Timbuk2 rider Andrea K. has been decked out with our upcoming Especial Messenger and he’ll be putting it [...]

Don’t Fret + Timbuk2

Don't Fret

We teamed up with Chicago street artist Don’t Fret to work on some of our Artist Canvas Bags and we’re excited to see what types of new faces will appear on these lucky messengers. Here are a few that are already featuring Don’t Fret’s trademark faces.

Custom Bags Galore


Celine and her crew came to San Francisco from Switzerland to start their West Coast road trip. She was excited to order some San Francisco made custom bags, so we held on to them at the factory and showed her and her friends around when she came to pick them up. We think she did [...]

If This Bag Could Talk


Timbuk2 founder, Rob Honeycutt recently shared this great dig with us. Rob explained, “An old friend of mine just sent me this photo of his bag that he got from me back in ~1990. The label in the middle is for a messenger service in London that I sold bags to called Wings.” Oh if [...]

Amazing Timbuk2 Family


We love receiving pictures from fans everywhere around the world and we’re lucky to have these shared with us quite often. One of our super-fans Chanda saw that we had shared an awesome bag family on Facebook, and she was sure she could one up it! When we received her photo, we were stunned by [...]

Timbuk2 in Dolores

On sunny days in Dolores, we seem to run into quite a few sweet Timbuk2′s. Here are a couple showstoppers spotted on a sunny Sunday: Dog+Sun+Command+Custom Messenger = Awesome: A classic Timbuk2, a vintage trek and a sweet shirt (53 miles per burrito!):

Fan Mail: Camels

We love fan mail and the pictures that come along with it. Here is Jo and her Timbuk2 story. I’m all excited–heading home to US soon for the summer after my first year in UAE, and I ordered myself a custom tote (to match my L laptop messenger). Figured I should order ahead to give [...]

Timbuk2 and Matching Nails

We love getting fan mail. This email and picture sent to us by Mateja really blew us away! Hey guys AND GIRLS, I just wanted to say how much I love your bags. I love them so much, I also wanted to wear them on my nails. Here’s the result. Keep on doing what you [...]

San Francisco Manufacturing

Last week was SF Made week, and in honor of this celebration of San Francisco companies, Tribute SF released their video on manufacturing in The City by The Bay . Timbuk2 is proud to be featured in this beautiful piece on folks who are making quality goods right in the heart of one of America’s [...]

Swig Hack

Many of you remember Nadia. She hacked her messenger and inspired our Nightrider Messenger. Now look what she’s done. The hack that inspired the Swig.