Dueling Doors in San Francisco

A walk around the block in San Francisco never disappoints. Today’s walk featured dueling garage doors. Why be bland when you can be bananas? Modern Medusa looks after the block on 22nd, two blocks from Timbuk2 headquarters. Left door, 22nd Street at Folsom in San Francisco. Not to be outdone (above), Modern Medusa’s neighbor chose [...]

Timbukme2: New Employee Brando

Brando failing to make a cool hand gesture for this blog post photo.   Where did you come from? I’m a Southern boy; I was born in Memphis (my Mom was raised behind Graceland) and I was raised in a small town called Russellville on the other side of the Mississippi River in Arkansas. I [...]

Salad & Sunshine: Bike Watching

Salad & Sunshine has become a Timbuk2 institution. Every day I make a massive salad full of shockingly cheap but good vegetables from our favorite Mission grocer (22nd & Folsom) and stand in front of Timbuk2, luxuriating in the sun and enjoying my Californian feast (mock & follow). One would think the corner of Shotwell [...]

Mike Giant Mission Map

Cool video about our neighborhood and one of its better known creative residents, Mike Giant. The Mission Map Project from Agency Charlie on Vimeo. Timbuk2 has been proudly based in the Mission District (cultural and creative center of SF) consistently for the past 20 years.