Muttmovers Rock


We always love getting awesome fan photos, and some of our favorites are (obviously) those from the Muttmover. Who doesn’t love cute puppies hanging out comfortably in a backpack made just for them? We recently got this picture from Ken G. who took his Chihuahua out for a ride in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Whats not [...]

Showstopper: Muttmoving

Spotted in our retail store in San Francisco. Woof. Cookie in her new Mutt Mover in the Timbuk2 retail store.

COOP & Dharma Move the Muttmover

COOP and and her trusted but rather feisty canine companion, Dharma, were the inspiration for the Muttmover. And with heavy hearts we bid COOP and Dharma farewell on Wednesday. They have gone to greener pasteurs, but will always be part of the Timbuk2 family. Toby is probably going to need counseling; his greeting ritual will [...]