Jenny’s Baby Shower

One of our awesome employees at Timbuk2 HQ will soon be heading out on maternity leave. While we’re definitely going to miss Jenny, we’re also very excited for her and her new family. We decided to throw a little surprise with the help of the awesome Timbuk2 culture club. When we called Jenny down to [...]

The Matching Crew

In our ongoing series of office folks walking into the office with identical outfits, we ran into another fun pair this week. Lizzy and Noel were both spotted rocking some sweet mocassins into the office. Pocahontas and Squanto anyone?

You Stole My Look Again

So in our ongoing series of folks coming into the office with the same outfit, we had to do a double take this week when Lizzy and Emilee both came in wearing pretty much the exact same outfit. On top of that, they’re both good looking blondes! Doppelgangers?

Perfectly Plaid

Real Timbuk2 men call each other in the morning to coordinate outfits. The Timbuk2 men in plaid.

Hey! I’m the Intern!

When I stepped into Timbuk2 headquarters to begin my internship, I was greeted with a pleasant surprise: No suits, no ties, no cubicles, no bright florescent lights, and no sad faces! The Timbuk2 office is a laid back, diverse environment, much like the city of San Francisco. Everyone was dressed casually. There were dogs running [...]