You Stole My Look!

Erin and Vanessa in you stole my look

In our ongoing series of folks walking into the office staring at an identically dressed co-worker, we present you Erin and Vanessa. You stole my look! Again!

Family Photo

Timbuk2 Team

Happy holidays from the Timbuk2 team to you and yours. Falalalala lalalala. The Timbuk2 team looking very serious. The Timbuk2 team exhibiting normal behavior. A Timbuk2 team member trapped in a time traveling machine.

Onigiri in the House

Team Onigilly

Today we had delicious Onigilly for lunch. Say that three times in a Japanese accent! Hai. As part of our Monthly Lunch from a Local program – remember Jess from Eat Banh Mi? – Koji and Kaye of Onigilly made us hand-held, nori-wrapped umami treats in the Timbuk2 kitchen until we’d devoured every grain. @Onigilly [...]

Timbuk2 Wins Challenge


Last week received a neat letter in the mail. We were the 1st place small sized company in SF County for the team bike challenge! We racked up 2537.4 miles on our bikes during the month of May and burnt many burritos in the process. We are excited to receive this certificate and will do [...]

Having cake and eating it too!

Sometimes Fridays can get pretty quiet in the office. Vivian was so proud of those who had ventured into the office before heading out for the weekend that she decided to throw a little cake eating party for the remaining crew. To those who came in on Friday, it was certainly well worth it! Happy [...]

Her Highness Jura, Queen of Caffeine

My father always told me, “nothing lasts forever” (except for our bags, of course). Our beloved coffee maker, The Miele, had seen its fair share of cups dripped. After several attempts at resuscitation it was deemed that it’s time had come and gone. Alas The Miele had to be put to rest (sent home to [...]