Awesome Hack for the new Shift Pannier Messenger

Back in January we were at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in Salt Lake City showing off our new designs, when Brother Timm dropped by our booth asking if we had any bags that would work on a wheel chair to make it easier to access his schtuff. “Well, not exactly” was our reply – but [...]

OR Winter Show Highlights

The OR Winter Show is always full of entertaining things. Trick dogs, bike blenders, down everything and 4 pm beer happiness. Here are a few highlights from the the show last week. Foosball war between Timbuk2 (GO JONNY!), TNF and Eagle Creek. Two dudes strugggling to saw a log in half while another dude watches [...]

OR Showstopper

This was by far the best Timbuk2 Showstopper I saw at the winter OR show. Reindeer man and a bright yellow Timbuk2 messenger @ the OR Winter Show.

OR Showstopper

Stanley Hawks of the SLC Bike Coalition has rocked this Timbuk2 messenger for 18 years. You the man Stan. Stanley with his 18 year old messenger at the OR Summer Market in Salt Lake.