80′s Surf

Levi’s new denim cycling jacket is hot hot hot, but this may be hotter. I spotted Jace, his epic jacket and rusty cruiser on my ride up Polk last night. Jace’s self-described “biker gang” in Santa Barbara is responsible for his spray-painted, acid washed, fleece lined denim jacket. Makes me long for the fleecey denim [...]

Polk Street Showstopper

Running into friends on the ride to work is the best. It makes you feel like you’re riding to homeroom instead of the stock exchange. I ran into one of my favorite people on Polk this morning. Like a good friend, Tawny was dutifully pedaling to work while wearing a Timbuk2 bag. Guess this means [...]

Scooter Showstopper

Recently seen scooting up Polk. See more Timbuk2 Showstoppers here. Looking pea-tastic in a pop coat & super-loved messenger.