Wear Your Pride

pride strap pad

Every June we launch a product in honor of Pride. This year, we brought back the Pride Strap Pad so you can wear your pride with whatever you fancy; messengers, backpacks, totes, tutus, or slacks. Our limited edition Pride Strap Pad is made with extra pride in San Francisco. Strap it on to wear your [...]

Wear Your Pride

Timbuk2 Pride Strap Pad

It’s June and you know what that means . . . delicious cherries, late sunsets, and lots of pride. Back for a limited time only, our made in San Francisco Pride Strap Pad makes for a comfortable, very proud carry. Wear equality. Timbuk2 Pride Strap Pad >

Naked Pride

We’re so full of pride our clothes can’t take it. Share this image to show your pride.

Rainbow Razor

This is how we ride to work during Pride. Amazing what a little tape and paint can do to a regular ‘ol Razor.

Ready for Pride in San Francisco

Our Hayes Valley retail store is so ready for Pride this weekend they created a Bike Share Rainbow montage in our store window. Rainbows and shared bikes @ the Timbuk2 retail store. Proud and read @Timbuk2.

Pride & Proud

Timbuk2 spent last weekend at Pride in San Francisco. After several days of recovery, our blurred vision has corrected and we can look back fondly at the wild weekend extravaganza. A special shout-out to Adam for bringing Timbuk2 to Pride. We loved every minute of it and we hope you feel the same. See some [...]

Rainbows Everywhere

Pride officially starts tomorrow which means San Francisco is having a serious rainbow binge. We’ve been wearing rainbow-themed outfits since Monday; even the buses are wearing rainbows! Our manufacturing team got in on the fun and not only made our Pride Messengers but also made two massive Ballistic rainbows for our Pride booth this weekend. [...]

Pride Teaser

Taska makes mischief in the garage prepping for Pride this weekend. Silkscreen City! We need to make sure we have enough Timbuk2 uniforms for those working at the Timbuk2 booth this weekend. Bubo, the cat, helps with Pride. She does feel proud.

Pride on Market

Riding home last night I noticed that San Francisco’s pride is flapping in the wind. The Pride flags are up on Market. If your city doesn’t have its pride on display (yet) you rock your own with our Pride Messenger. Pride flags are up on Market Street in San Francisco.