Ride Like You Want To: Riding in the Rain

Riding a bike makes you feel like you’re 12 again, but riding in the rain makes you want to jump in puddles. I didn’t ride in the rain for years, but as my aversion to taking bus has grown over time, I’ve embraced riding in the rain. Today I discovered that my rain kit is [...]

Soaked in San Francisco

When a rain jacket just won’t do, reach for the closest trash bag. Timbuk2′s stellar intern in Product Design, Michael, made it work this morning.

Our First Bloom

The sun is out in San Francisco and this brave little flower has made its move! It’s our first bloom. The little flower that could at Timbuk2 HQ. Luscious plants provided by David Froehlich.

Fighting Soggy Buns

On Feb 15, 2011 Timbuk2 fought a courageous