Life Cycle for Earth Day

Life Cycle

We are extremely excited to announce the kick-off to our Life Cycle program. We’ve always been passionate about protecting our planet and this is the most responsible thing we can do environmentally — extend the life of our existing products. We created the Timbuk2 Life Cycle to enable your Timbuk2 product to live a full [...]

R3DNA and Timbuk2

R3DNA + Timbuk2

We’ve been working hard on making our company more sustainable from the ground up. We’re in the process of developing a steady repairs program and have teamed up with Terracycle to limit our waste from hitting the landfill. Along the same lines, we’ve teamed up with R3DNA whose mission is “Reclaim, Repurpose, Reborn”. Every year [...]

Want to Make an Impact on Earth Day 2012?

Recycle Your Timbuk2 bag and we’ll donate your thoroughly loved messenger or pack to our recycle partners At The Crossroads (ATC) and YBike. How do Timbuk2 bags impact ATC’s work in San Francisco? An ATC counselor explains, “At The Crossroads builds relationships with youth who can be pretty hard to get to know, and Timbuk2 [...]

Recycling: Bags for YBike

YBike is a San Francisco-based non-profit that empowers local youth and adults to ride bikes via classroom and on-bike instruction on traffic safety and biking skills. We recently donated Timbuk2 recycled bags to YBike and stoked out some of their younger riders. Since our recycling program started in 2009, we’ve recycled nearly 2,000 bags. We [...]

A Very San Francisco Party

Spotted in front of our office this morning. Recycling bin, Anchor, organic wine, Jack and Pimm’s. Only-in-San Francisco recycling.

Recycled Thoughts: Month of Thanks

Week 3: The Recycling Program received a fancy bag the other day! This is a very rare piece of Timbuk2 art… In 2005, we partnered with a group of selected artists and featured their artwork on panels of the Classic Messenger bags as part of our Artist Originals Program. Only a limited quantity of bags [...]